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Cliffhanger Process - What is your story?

You are excited, trembling slightly. Outside the curtain it's getting quieter and you know it's showtime and you're going on stage. A polite applause welcomes you and you start your programme. You feel insecure but maybe you can do it. The audience wants to like you, they want to laugh, to be emotionally carried away, to have hot and cold shivers running down their spines - but you just can't do it. You don't succeed. Another polite applause and you leave the stage disappointed. That's it for you.
Breath held and silence throughout the room. The audience's heart beats; shivers run down your audience's spine. You speak your last sentence and end with a finale that Steven Spielberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber or Martin Scorcese could not have thought up better. It takes about 2 seconds until your audience realises that you have reached the end. Meanwhile, you look at the front row and see the audience wiping away tears. You have made it! Frenetic applause starts. Loud whistles echo through the hall and the audience goes wild with excitement. If you want to tell extraordinarily emotional, exciting and rousing stories in front of people and on stage, you need our Cliffhanger Process!

You hold your concept in your hands like a secret history book and you now know exactly how to emotionally engage your audience with your story.

Frenetic applause, standing ovations and calls for "encore" make you even more confident. You can play with your audience.

Go out and show people what emotional stories are! Give them the cliffhangers and hit them right in the heart! Turnover is soon only a by-product, because it comes from your conversion.

The award at the Oniros Film Awards in New York went to the best commercial film.
The Los Angeles Film Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the World Film Carnival in Singapore went to the best commercial film.
The Luis Bunuel Memorial Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas went to the best commercial film.
The award of the Cine Paris Film Festival in Paris was for the best commercial film.


A man clings to an ice floe in bitterly cold water. In the background, a large brightly lit ship is sinking. A woman in a boat calling out one name over and over: "Jack!" "Jack!"

Children in an off-road vehicle. Outside it is raining heavily and it is windy. Suddenly, the water glass on the shelf in the back begins to vibrate from violent vibrations on the ground. These vibrations are part of the footsteps of a bloody big carnivore coming closer and closer to the car.

Two men face each other at a dizzying height. One wears a black cape and a black mask and breathes audibly.

The other man is young but ready to die for this fight. The young man hears the old man say, "Luke, I am your father."

I'm sure you could recognise at least one film from it. These stories are called cliffhangers. Three sentences are enough and you already know which scene of a film or which film is meant.
The cliffhanger process works in a similar way: we develop a magical story for you and your audience. You want your audience to be highly emotional and completely hanging on your every word? Then you've come to the right place!

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