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"There is no way around Christian Schu in the film business."
Hermann Scherer, best-selling author, business expert & top speaker says of Christian: "There's no way around Christian Schu in the film business."
Hermann Scherer
Bestselling author, business expert & German top speaker

Christian's Why

As a child, I could draw for hours and was in my own world and couldn't get back from there so quickly. At the latest when I built my own TV studios and film sets with Lego bricks, it was clear to pretty much everyone what I would do later.
I was able to preserve my creativity despite school time and pointless memorisation and then also use it afterwards: 
Through my work on projects like the WTA Mallorca Open or the cooperation with RTL for the BILD newspaper on Mallorca, I was able to gain a lot of experience. I am also very grateful for the work in the German and European speaker scene, where I was able to learn so much that it changed my life.

In the meantime, I produce advertising, social media content, image films and more for well-known companies in Europe, the Arab Emirates and Southeast Asia - naturally with a fantastic team. And I know why my clients have been working with me for years: Going the extra mile and partnership at eye level are not just hollow phrases with us, but corporate philosophy.


The award at the Oniros Film Awards in New York went to the best commercial film.
The Los Angeles Film Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the World Film Carnival in Singapore went to the best commercial film.
The Luis Bunuel Memorial Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas went to the best commercial film.
The award of the Cine Paris Film Festival in Paris was for the best commercial film.
Christian accompanies you and your company on the way to success with the right advertising film and image film.

We accompany you

You need someone who stands behind your idea 100%. A team that understands you and can empathise with you in order to realise your wishes and goals.
Almost everyone can now operate cameras and make films. The art is to fill these films with life, with emotion, with excitement and fun and to deliver damn good storytelling. 

And it goes much further: 
With us, you are not just a client with a project! You are our partner and we understand you. We understand how much energy you put into your idea and you can rely on us, because we do the same.

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