Every person, every company and every product has a story that wants to be told.
We produce commercials for companies that SELL!

Stories... WHAT!?

We all have enough of boring advertising. We can't even remember most of the advertising. But the few advertisements we do remember usually have one thing in common: a clever, intelligent or exciting and emotional story.

In today's race for automation on the internet and in times of a significantly reduced attention span, it is all about captivating the viewer with a story that inspires and is authentic. A story that sells.

That is exactly what Christian has been doing for many years: cinematic storytelling.

In the park of an old venerable villa, a promotional film and video course was shot for one of Christian Schu's clients

Christian Schu filming a video course and a promotional film near Koblenz.
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"There is no way around Christian Schu in the film business."
Hermann Scherer, best-selling author, business expert & top speaker says of Christian: "There's no way around Christian Schu in the film business."
Hermann Scherer
Bestselling author, business expert & German top speaker

Known from the collaboration with:

Over the years we have worked with many clients and significantly improved their image, as well as their sales at local,

national and international level. What is special about this is that we have been working together with most of the clients

on the goal for many years, which allows us to make a real difference.

Insights into past projects:

(You will find much more below!)

What enthusiastic customers say

"Because of Christian's excellent film, we no longer have any price discussions with our customers."

My idea was to present our quality so well in a film that no customer would ever discuss prices with us again, because the film would already show them how high-quality our appliances are. Christian has achieved this goal excellently.

Udo Besser
Owner & General Manager AVM Audio
"Christian is very professional and creates a welcoming environment for feedback.

"He is willing to combine his expertise and the client's vision and input to create a unique story.

Karen Castillo
Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai
"Christian gave me space to express myself freely in front of the camera, in a way that made me come across as real and authentic..."

"He also has a very high level of empathy and an extremely calm charisma, and he simply knows exactly what is going on in the person in front of the camera. That makes Christian incredibly strong, because he can maintain this calmness and composure."

Lauri Cult
"We had the chance to work with a few filmmakers before, however, after our cooperation with Christian, we have learnt what it means to be a professional in the film industry."

"I was very positively surprised by how effectively and professionally Christian works. It was definitely a good experience. The final cut was just great and in the future, Christian will be our first choice.

Zdenek Brezovjak
Chief engineer & Co-Owner of Canor
Since many years, Christian is accompanying us. Through his imagination and imaginative talent, he manages to optimally stage us and our life's purpose."

"He has a gift for pinpointing exactly what our strengths are and packaging them so vividly and honestly into wonderful stories."

Gisela Hoock
"The cooperation with Christian was very very good and professional."

The videos also turned out very cool, and it's a great honour for me to share that. So the collaboration was worthwhile and it was also a lot of fun. I wish you all, all the best and a lot of success for your career and thanks again for the good collaboration."

Gerald Hörhan
"Investmentpunk", entrepreneur
& bestselling author
"No one has ever impressed me with their expertise and skill like Christian."

"For my online course I needed the implementation. I was more than impressed with his professional setting! [...] I am so thrilled with the whole process and the great result!"

Kirsten Stage

"Even Louis de Funè's "No, Yes, Ohh" is better acted than any German soap!"

Christian Schu

Regularly awarded by leading film festivals
internationally awarded

The award at the Oniros Film Awards in New York went to the best commercial film.
The Los Angeles Film Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the World Film Carnival in Singapore went to the best commercial film.
The Luis Bunuel Memorial Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas went to the best commercial film.
The award of the Cine Paris Film Festival in Paris was for the best commercial film.

Well-known German speakers, a globally active tennis organisation, the largest European daily newspaper and the who's who of the high-end scene are just a few examples of successful projects and cooperations.

You want a highly professional video that not only makes
your company visible and presents it professionally, but also sells?

You want a highly professional video that not only makes your company visible and presents it professionally, but also sells?

The most frequently asked questions

In which region are we active?

In principle, you can book us worldwide. However, our main area of activity is in the DACH region, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the United Arab Emirates.

Where does the shoot take place?

In most cases we shoot directly at the company on location or in the studio - depending on the concept/idea and planning.

I want a promotional film, but I don't have an idea yet....

We exist for the idea and conception. Holding a camera and filming - many people can do that. But a good idea, a storyline that sells and inspires the viewer emotionally - that is the supreme discipline.

How much is the investment for a promotional film?

Of course, the investment always depends on the effort of the respective project. We attach great importance to a good price-performance ratio and a long-term cooperation with you. In addition, you should always ask yourself: "How much additional turnover will my company lose without this advertising film?

What is the procedure?

We start with our initial meeting. Then we start our research, as well as strategy development, conception and of course the story. This is followed by the production of the film, the post-production and then the handover to you.

How long does it take until I receive the promotional film?

This question cannot be answered in a general way, as it depends on many factors. However, if you need it to happen particularly quickly, we do of course have solutions ready. Let's talk about it during our initial consultation.

Unique, customized film solutions

for Web, TV and Cinema

We offer a complete all-in-one strategy with various tools and customized services,

to help our clients not only get noticed, but stand out from the crowd of offers 
and services,
multiplying sales with an effective film and marketing strategy.


Your message embedded in a story
that fits the service | product | brand.


The right film for the right target group.
Otherwise you're just wasting your money.

Film production

From storyboard to location and equipment
to the finished film - everything from a single source.

Live- und event production

From a small business meeting to a hall-filling
event. We are at the start for you.

Drone footage

Did someone say "epic"? Epic, meanwhile, is also the
approval-process for it. But we'll take care of all of that.


Since 2017, we have been creating virtual worlds,
creating new visual experiences for viewers.


Extremely important as part of the film production
and an absolute matter of the heart for us.


Receiving awards for our films is always
a wonderful side effect.

Only if we like each other we can work together productively and amicably.
There is no way around getting to know each other - and that's a good thing!

Successfully implemented projects

Keynote Speaker Tobias Beck

Keynote Speaker Hermann Scherer

Product Launch: Naim Audio Solstice

Online Marketer Daniel Knoden

Company portrait of Focal, France's largest hi-fi and high-end manufacturer

Company portrait of Canor, a weighty manufacturer from Slovakia

Product Launch: AVM Audio CS 2.3

Raphael Bettencourt - Awakening

SG Akustik presents: HiFi Villa Schellbach, Baden-Baden

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