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blood, sweat and tears...

We were sitting together and had developed a promotional film for a luxury car rental company. The scenes were planned, the location chosen and the entire fleet of cars free and equipped with drivers - after all, all the vehicles were to be shown in the film. Just one day before, the weather forecast looked good. Sunshine with light cloud cover. A "night race" was planned, starting already in the afternoon. We all gathered at noon to prepare, but from hour to hour the sky became cloudier - until it finally started to rain 15 minutes before filming began. But we only had this one day to film. So we made the best of it, during the shooting of the first scenes we rewrote the following scenes, changed locations and regularly wiped the lens - because of course it came off quite a bit when the cameraman was sitting in the open boot. Around 2:00 a.m., we drove through the industrial area at 120 km/h for the last scene.
The day showed us again, be better prepared for simply everything. The film, by the way - a complete success and our client was able to significantly increase the rental rate. And since then, we all have AT LEAST one umbrella in the boot!

You hold your concept in your hands like a history book. Now you can have this masterpiece made into a film or read it to your children as a story... It's up to you!
Tip: Only one of these will bring you sales

We reach your customer with your concept WITHIN THE HEART! Your customer is emotionally moved and you leave a positive impression on him. Well, if that doesn't generate sales - what will?

You now know exactly how your story is going to play out. So you can align everything around it: Appropriate roll-ups, the right social media postings and the best images tease the content of your storybook.

The award at the Oniros Film Awards in New York went to the best commercial film.
The Los Angeles Film Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the World Film Carnival in Singapore went to the best commercial film.
The Luis Bunuel Memorial Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas went to the best commercial film.
The award of the Cine Paris Film Festival in Paris was for the best commercial film.


Once upon a time there was an event manager called Hans.
Hans had just the right touch for artists, speakers and bands and was great at combining everything together. The people who came to his events always thought it was fantastic. At some point Hans had heard that it was good to have so-called AfterMovies made of an event in order to sell even more tickets in the future. Hans then quickly decided on a cheap filmmaker, because "the events are expensive enough already!", he thought.
When Hans saw the finished film, he was thrilled because he could still remember the scenes well, he had organised everything. But after the film was online, the sales figures for future events dropped and the question arose whether Hans could even organise good events. Hans then wanted to analyse the film in more detail and brought the expert for cinematic storytelling to the table to support him... What exactly had happened? Why did ticket sales drop despite AfterMovie and why did people suddenly doubt Hans?

ability to organise good events and functions? The answer was found relatively quickly, because the film did not tell any story. The filmmaker did not tell in his film why people came to the event in the first place, what the audience had taken away or why they were so enthusiastic. There were almost only a few quotes from the speakers and excerpts of some performances, the whole thing was then set to an emotionally heavy music - which unfortunately didn't really fit the theme of the event - all cut together and the film was finished.
Hans was quite annoyed by this way of filmmaking and at the same time grateful for the insight.

Unfortunately, despite better technology and more opportunities in filmmaking, many people have already had similar experiences - just like Hans. Therefore, don't let it get you down and don't give up! 
Be like Hans.

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