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The award at the Oniros Film Awards in New York went to the best commercial film.
The Los Angeles Film Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the World Film Carnival in Singapore went to the best commercial film.
The Luis Bunuel Memorial Award was given for the best commercial film.
The award at the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas went to the best commercial film.
The award of the Cine Paris Film Festival in Paris was for the best commercial film.


1 In the beginning there was only a white sheet and a pine pencil.
2 The page was blank and the spirit of Christian thought up a story and wrote it down. A story so powerful and emotionally charged that everyone wanted to hear it and it was now quickly to be made into a film.
3 And Christian said: We need good actors and fantastic extras for this masterpiece so that it looks as real as possible. And it happened like this.
4 And Christian said: Let there be light! And there was light, because the lighting engineer switched on dozens of lamps and spotlights on the set and Christian saw that the light was good for filming and creating the masterpiece.
5 And Christian said: For the next scene, gather the water in a place called the sea, and find it, because we should shoot on the beach. And it happened that way, because various great suitable places had already been travelled to in advance.

6 And Christian said: There should be lights on the sky extension, because one of our scenes we have to shoot at night and we need a clear starry sky for it. And it happened that way, because the lighting technicians hung many small LED lights on the studio ceiling that shone with varying brightness.
7 And Christian was grateful for the many hardworking people who had worked on this masterpiece to the point of exhaustion and for the customer who had placed his trust in him, and he thanked them all.
8 And the footage produced was merged with the sound and music, edited and enhanced in close cooperation between a wide range of departments.
9 And Christian saw all that they had achieved together; and behold, it was very good. And it was evening, and it was morning: the masterpiece was created, and the client was able to gain new customers of his own and increase his turnover as a result. And it was good.

During the film production you can concentrate on your core business - without being distracted.
Tip: Only one of these will bring you sales

You are now in a position to place targeted advertisements with a significantly higher conversion rate than without a film and emotionally engage the viewers of your film.

You manage to touch people, stay in their minds for a long time and build a bond with them


"I have seen too many films with scenes strung together at random. If the filmmaker or editor was still halfway good, he would then cut the film snippets to fit the music. But honestly, that doesn't make a story! With every film - even if it's only a 20-second commercial - I expect a good or at least understandable story!
Let's take image films as an example: A successful entrepreneur decides to have an image film made about himself or herself. Yes, but then it is not enough to show him or her leaving the house, getting into the car, driving around a bit and stopping at the sunset while "looking into the distance" in order to appear forward-looking. That's not a story, that's just rubbish!

The first question is who the film is supposed to reach, i.e. the target group. A little tip on the side: "Everyone" is not the right answer here! As a filmmaker, you have to go much deeper, because at least for me it's like this: I want my client to be even more successful with his image film than he was before. The communicated goal should be achieved with the help of the film! And this is exactly where storytelling comes in. What does the target group want and need and how do we achieve it?

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